Don’t Change the Station

Music, music…music playing in my head.
Can’t make out the song.
It’s very melodic, and sometimes
but I can’t distinguish it.
It’s ringing in my head
But there are other sound systems at work.
My headphones are plugged into
too many stations.
Too many samples playing in my head.
My speakers are blaring too loudly.
How do I tune them out?
I tried changing
my radio dial to
“Smooth Relaxation” but
it seems to jump back to
“Chaos in the Morning”.
I don’t know what to do really.
I love this old radio.
It’s been with me for all
of my life.
It was a gift at birth.
This particular station,
I picked up down the line as my
personal favorite.
But then music became a big issue
and everyone felt they should have
a say and
influence my DJ selections.
Has their stereo blown out?


Just in case you are curious as to what I’m discussing:
Sometimes we have a vision for our lives and it does not always go as planned. We seek out the counsel of others or get unsolicited advise. We can feel drowned out by others when they project their failed dreams onto us and they can even guise them as our own. It’s important to listen to ourselves first and foremost and once we find our own voice, we can choose to let others in. Hold on to your dreams. They are yours for a reason.


Brittany is living life as a musical; everything is better with melodies of the heart. She is applying for global citizenship, collecting memories and sharing laughs with others far and wide. She hopes by embracing her truths as they come she gives others the courage to do the same. Connect with Brittany on Twitter @GloballyLocal6.


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