BSM | The Overly Cautious Hero: Wasabi

This is Wasabi—yes, that is this character’s real name—and he is 1/6 of the hero roster in the film Big Hero 6. Looking at him, one would believe that he is a vivacious fighter and fearless warrior. Yet, despite his burly build, he is easily the gentlest of the team members he fights alongside. He is also the most relatable character of the entire squad.

Wasabi is a very straight-laced character; everything is by the book and rules must be followed at all times. And I do mean all times: during a high-stakes vehicle chase, in which Wasabi and the team were being pursued, Wasabi followed the rules of the road, inevitably slowing down their escape. While his cautious nature may cause some eyes to roll, it’s that same cautiousness that makes him such a valuable individual. Unlike his teammates, who prefer to rush abruptly into battle, Wasabi lingers to formulate a plan of action. He’s highly intelligent so once he has a plan crafted and he enacts it, things go pretty well for him. While, yes, Wasabi is cautious, please don’t think him to be any less brave. He would and has put his life on the line to keep his friends safe.

As stated previously, Wasabi is the most relatable character within Big Hero 6 and here’s why: he makes the most sense! When initially approached to form a team of amateur crime-fighters to fight a masked villain, Wasabi was the first one to express apprehension and point out how ridiculously insane that idea was. Yes, he joined the team, but only after a more concrete plan was developed. He is the voice of reason. He is the voice of concern. He is the voice of rationality. He’s definitely a reluctant hero but he’s a hero nonetheless.

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