BSM | The Man Who Went to Hell and Back: Spawn

To start off Black Superhero Month, I’ll be revisiting a hero I covered 3 years ago out of request for a friend. So Greg, this one’s for you.

When you think of Black superheroes there are a few go-to names that obviously come to mind- Storm, Black Panther, Blade, maybe even John Stewart- but I guarantee you they’ve got nothing on Spawn. Lieutenant Colonel Albert Francis Simmons, USMC—better known as the anti-hero Spawn- is hands down one of the most badass superheroes ever.

Before Simmons even became the hero Spawn he was already trained to kill. He was a decorated Marine, highly skilled tactician, marksman, and martial artist. It was these particular set of skills that earned him the promotion that would change everything; he was promoted to a classified high level black ops unit byway of the CIA. It would be here that he began to question the morality of the missions he was partaking in. These questions got the attention of some high level officials and they didn’t like that Simmons was poking around so they conspired to get rid of him. They end up hiring Simmons’ friend and partner to do the dirty deed. Going out in a fiery inferno, Simmons soul was sent to Hell for knowingly killing innocents while at the CIA.

Before Simmons died, he was married. Once in hell, Simmons sold his soul to a demonic entity in order to return to Earth to see his wife again. Of course there was a catch: by the time Simmons had returned to Earth, 5 years had passed and he was a hellspawn. Taking on the name Spawn and armed with a slew of supernatural abilities, Simmons became a brutal ally of justice (emphasis on the word brutal), taking on networks of gangs and the like. He would not stop there though- he would go on to fight both the forces of Heaven and Hell in order to stop the destruction of the world. Spawn is truly one of a kind.

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Brandon Blackmon was born and raised in Clinton, NC. After high school, he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; graduating with a bachelor’s in psychology. He attended Pfeiffer University where he received a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and is currently a licensed marriage and family therapist. Brandon is a proud blerd (Black nerd) and a firm advocate and believer that representation matters in all forms of media.


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