BSM | The Founder of the New Warriors

Story time: Boy has wealthy parents. Boy witnesses the murder of his wealthy parents. Boy inherits parents’ wealth and uses said wealth to hone his fighting abilities and invests in a special suit. Boy becomes man and man becomes a vigilante with an obsession to defeat all the wrongdoers in the city. Wait…this sounds very familiar…

This is the story of Dwayne Taylor and this really is how his origin story begins. Buying the best mentors money could buy, Taylor trained his body to as close as perfection as it could get. Couple his training with a state-of-the-art suit, and you’ve got one hell of a vigilante. Taking on the name Night Thrasher, Taylor began patrolling the streets of New York City fighting drugs lords and the like, while running the family company, The Taylor Foundation, during the day. In his adventures, he would recognize that he could work more effectively within a team. That’s when Taylor made the decision to create a superhero group. Basing his team on the Fantastic Four, Taylor meticulously researched potential heroes to work with. Once his teammates were selected the team was officially formed. They would come to call themselves the New Warriors.


Brandon Blackmon was born and raised in Clinton, NC. After high school, he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; graduating with a bachelor’s in psychology. He attended Pfeiffer University where he received a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and is currently a licensed marriage and family therapist. Brandon is a proud blerd (Black nerd) and a firm advocate and believer that representation matters in all forms of media.

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