BSM | From Inventor to Superhero

Curtis Metcalf was born and raised in the city of Dakota (aka the hometown of Static). As a kid, Curtis was a child prodigy; he’d create all kids of doodads and doohickeys. At the age of 13, he was “discovered” by Edwin Alva Sr., a respected businessman within the city of Dakota. Alva would enroll into a program designed to assist minority students get into elite prep schools. Metcalf would graduate from the prep school by the age of 14 and would receive his first college degree by the age of 15. He would go on to earn six more college degrees, all of which were bankrolled by Alva on the contingency that Metcalf would come work for him.

Initially, things were going great. Metcalf was allowed creative control of his technological inventions and received a hefty paycheck. His work would result in Alva making millions of dollars. After quite some time, Metcalf requested a share of the profits from the work he created for Alva’s company. Alva’s response was cutthroat: “Curtis, let us dispense with any misconceptions you may be laboring under. You are not family. You are an employee. Neither are you heir apparent. You are a cog in the machine. My machine. You are not respected, Curtis. You are merely useful. You may go now.”

Talk about a smack in the face. Due to a legally binding contract, Metcalf couldn’t quit his job so he attempted to find some leverage on Alva. He found that Alva had multiple ties to the criminal world and, not just that, Alva’s influence extended to the multiple federal and state law enforcement agencies. Alva seemed untouchable. So Metcalf decided to bring him down himself. Using the tech and gadgets he created for Alva’s company, Metcalf created a highly advanced battle suit. Donning this suit each night, Metcalf became the superhero known as Hardware, and worked tirelessly to bring down Alva’s crime syndicate.


Brandon Blackmon was born and raised in Clinton, NC. After high school, he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; graduating with a bachelor’s in psychology. He attended Pfeiffer University where he received a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and is currently a licensed marriage and family therapist. Brandon is a proud blerd (Black nerd) and a firm advocate and believer that representation matters in all forms of media.

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