BSM | The Detective Hunting for Vengeance

At the age of 40, Detective Crispus “Cris” Allen made a change: he transferred from Metropolis to its darker sister city, Gotham. Once in Gotham he was selected by Commissioner James Gordon to become a part of Gotham City Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit (MCU) and became partners with Detective Renee Montoya. As a member of the MCU, he was tasked, along with his fellow officers, with solving the big crimes. Remember, this is Gotham we’re talking about so when I say big crimes, I mean the BIG crimes-Mr. Freeze, Firefly, Two-Face, etc. This wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

If dealing with psychotic murderers wasn’t difficult enough, Detective Allen essentially had to prove day in and day out that he was an officer of the law. During this time, the GCPD, in multiple departments, was rife with corruption. Even some of the officers within Internal Affairs were dirty. This only made Detective Allen’s job harder. It would be this corruption within the department that would result in the death of Detective Crispus Allen.

You’d think that this is where his story ends, but this is a comic book; death only opened up new opportunities for this character. Allen’s murderer was able to escape so when his body was brought to the morgue his spirit was made an offer: become the Spirit of Vengeance known as The Spectre and work to avenge the deaths of those who did not get justice. After time of deliberation, Allen accepted and became The Spectre. As The Spectre, Allen has worked tirelessly to bring justice to the world around him, although doing so has forced him to make difficult decisions. Despite this, Allen continues to be unrelenting in his mission.


Brandon Blackmon was born and raised in Clinton, NC. After high school, he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; graduating with a bachelor’s in psychology. He attended Pfeiffer University where he received a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and is currently a licensed marriage and family therapist. Brandon is a proud blerd (Black nerd) and a firm advocate and believer that representation matters in all forms of media.

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