BSM | The Woman of Steel…and Mist: Natasha Irons

Natasha Irons is the niece of John Henry Irons aka the hero known as Steel. When she initially appeared in the comics she was characterized subtly as being very intelligent–interning with a U.S. senator at the age of 16, becoming John’s assistant at his company, reprogramming Superman’s Kryptonian robot to speak hip-hop slang just for giggles, etc. It’s only natural she would become a superhero.

Throughout Iron’s career she has taken on at least three different superhero identities. The first identity was becoming the new Steel. After designing her own suit of armor and going on her own accord to fight along established superheroes, her Uncle John is injured–too injured to continue in his own heroics. After witnessing his niece’s display of skill, he passes the mantle of Steel to Natasha. Not just that, he upgrades and builds her a new set of armor.

Fast forward in time to when Natasha and John have a falling out so severe John went as far as to dismantle her armor, stating that if she wanted to be a superhero so badly she could put it back together herself. Spoiler: she couldn’t do it. This caused her to work for whom was thought to be a reformed Lex Luthor. Spoiler: he wasn’t. Joining up with Luthor’s “Everyman Project,” Natasha became the hero Starlight. As Starlight she could produce blinding flashes of light, make force fields, and fly. Clearly this didn’t last because Lex Luthor will always be a terrible human being.

So Natasha stops being Starlight. You would think she would go back to living a simpler life. Spoiler: you’re wrong. Turns out, Luthor’s project had side effects on its participants; altering Natasha’s genetics. This results in Natasha developing her own genuine superpowers. She is able to fly and turn herself into a cloud of gaseous substance. She’s takes on the identity of Vaporlock and continues the good fight.

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